Haus Mirabelle sign.

The sign that hung on my grandparents’ B&B

I was looking for a sign, when it came to me, in the form of—a sign. This Haus Mirabelle sign once hung on my grandparents’ B&B in northern Germany, and now it lives with me. A graphic designer in Vancouver, I arrived here after circumnavigating a career in travel. I love to observe the designs that surround us, I wanted to blog, so I was in need of a name. With its DIN-like typography, its connection to the travel industry, and why, it even bears my name, it was a sign indeed.

And so my blog is born. To get this venture off properly, and in honour of my other grandmother, I have included in the picture a statuette of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, the Lord of Success, for good luck. With HausMirabelleBlog, I would like to explore these ideas:

  • Graphic design moments
  • Travel and design
  • Signs
  • And maybe elephants.

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