The iPhone as Canvas

iPhone art.

iPhone photo manipulated with apps.

Almost as satisfying as finger painting, my latest art medium has been my iPhone. With a few choice apps, like Instagram or Snapseed you can turn your everyday photos into quite painterly moments, with an eager flock of critics ready to like—or not—your work.

Now anyone can be a self-appointed artist, #iphoneart is rather subjective. So I would like to introduce you to some true iArtists, whose work is outstanding considering their 3-1/2″ canvas.

Lynette Jackson was my first discovery in this emerging field. Her muted colour palette, geometric details, and seamless collage lie visually somewhere between Russian Constructivism (without the propaganda) and the Bauhaus.

Intrigued, I delved deeper into the iPhoneart tag on Instagram, and came upon:

  • kaphinga who creates virtual paintings from her shots of street performers in New Orleans.
  • nadyazhry whose influences I would guess may include David Carson, Neville Brody, Emigre Magazine and new wave album covers.
  • frozen_light—a “Composer of musics” and this you see in his work—airy, atmospheric, dreamy sci-fi scenes.

These are my top favourite artists. With mobile apps and the cloud developing at such a monumental speed, soon we can detach ourselves from our clunky desktops and create masterpieces with our fingertips. I am not kidding!


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