Signs and Culture

Sign in a Delhi bank asking you not to spit.

Sign in a stairwell in a Delhi, India bank.

Sign in Lodhi Gardens, Delhi, India.

Sign in Lodhi Gardens in Delhi.

PLEASE DO NOT SPIT HERE the sign says, strategically fixed to a wall with evidence of its popularity amongst spitters. Signs offer local flavours that express more than their written words. For instance, some Indian signs tend to have a school teacher-y approach with their stern, yet sensible advice that is usually politely delivered.

Randy's Donuts sign.

Randy’s Donuts near LAX.

This Randy’s Donuts sign has multiple meanings for me. Seeing it from an airplane meant that the pilot was making the final approach to LAX. I used to work down the street from it, and when I saw that big doughnut it meant that I was almost at work. The peeling paint and dusty exterior was pretty unappetizing, and I never managed to try one.

Gun Shop Sign.

Sign for a Culver City gun shop.

Another sign that you are in LA is this gun shop in Culver City. Their weapon is drawn for easy identification.

Grey Goose Bus Depot, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Grey Goose Bus Depot, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nothing brings me back in time like a trip to Winnipeg on Grey Goose. You would hardly know that this photo was taken in 2005. The colourful lettering tilted to the right, hopes to convey a speedy and fun trip. But driving through the prairies can’t be sugar-coated, it’s long and straight and takes forever. Although I do love road trips, so this sign is happily nostalgic for me.

Wellington's in Winnipeg.

Wellington’s bar in Winnipeg.

As is this one, Wellington’s is a weathered Winnipeg bar where plenty of good times rolled. I find it quite ironic that the sign asks us to drink Pepsi.

These signs offer so much more than pure information. They are symbols of local culture wrapped in memories.


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